From the depths of Ohiodawa: May 2005

Monday, May 30, 2005

The Ladies of Chalot

The Ladies of Chalot
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don't we all look cute?

Jello's B-day and The Black Ladies

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Well she made it to 27! We're all so proud of her. In fact we're so proud we decided to spend money on her!!! Tuesday we went to Guy's Steak House in Lolo. We all ate way too much! Jello couldn't finish which really surprised me.
As some of you know Jello Gnat and I have the same jackets. Black North Face. We decided we are going to start a biker gang. We are calling ourselves the Black Ladies. Get it like the pink ladies in Greece. Cool huh? I know it's a little crazy but you all should be used to us by now. This is just a warning watch out on the road. That is if we ever get bikes ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Audio Test

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It's the Final Countdown

to say goodbye to Gnat - she will soon leave (sniff) and begin new and exciting adventures...with a bunch of little Boy Scouts who are the age of her "little" bro. BUUUUT, before Boy Scouts comes (dadadadummmmm) the ROAD TRIP there. We will either bond or die trying!
To Camp Freeland Leslie and BEYOOOOOOND!
Oh, for real, we are embarking upon an excellent adventure - beginning June 7th. Jello Martinez, Rashmashna (also know as Rael), and I (The Gnat) will travel to the distant land of Wisconsin. We shall stop and smell the outlet stores and their incredible prices (we hope - 'cause this Gnat needs some new, stylin' wings) as we travel along along along.
We breathe, therefore we must talk...some of it will soon end up on this site - in a coherent form. Join us for more scintillating repertoire later, gator.