From the depths of Ohiodawa: June 2006

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Really great memories.

The spring rains are about over and we’ve officially moved into summer. Today the clouds are rolling in and we might have some thunder and lightning. I hope it will rain it’s so hot that when I go outside it makes me think that my skin is going to melt away.
In my childhood the spring rains were one of my favorite things. I loved to run outside when it was pouring. And when it got too cold I would go inside and watch the lightning and hope that the power would go out. Even if it didn’t I usually turn off all the lights just so I could pretend.
I loved it when the power went out at our house. All five of us would run around the house finding ALL the candles. We would light every single one of them “worried” that people wouldn’t be able to see. After a lot of whining my mom would let us light the oil lamps. I would play that we needed the light because we lived in a time without electricity. I would make up stories in my head about how I would survive the night with the storm raging outside. I was a dramatic child and my brothers and sister didn’t appreciate it. I was usually left to play these games by myself. It didn’t really bother me I made up whole worlds that they never saw. Oh! Wait! Got to stop reminiscing it’s raining outside and I want to get in it.