From the depths of Ohiodawa: July 2005

Friday, July 29, 2005

Ownership and going deep.

jess owns these steps
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So jess and I had this amazing conversation last night. We "owned" the steps downtown. A few punks tried to take over but we made the stance and it all turned out fine. Doesn't she have good form?

It’s so amazing to have a friend who you can be completely honest with. I didn't notice it before but Jess and I are like that. There's not sugar coating when it comes to our relationship (not that it isn't totally sweet!!!) Jessie you're special! There's no one who I can talk to and really be myself, truly, without excuse or apology. Thanks for always being there to listen. One day we'll be able to solve the "worlds" problems and have our steps to our selves.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I own this bench.

I own this bench.
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this is the "official" stance you take when you want to signify something as your own. If arm flinging is not an option you can put your hands in your pockets or lean back on your elbows. The most important thing is to have your legs flung out telling people not to mess with you. It's also good to have a mean stare.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Make Like A Tree And Get Out Of Here

Jess and I have decided it sucks to be girls. We have to put up with such crap from guys. All day long we fend off the passes and they just don’t seem to get it… we aren’t interested. Most of the time we just let it go but sometimes we just want to strangle them. (Let me note here that strangulation is a very personal way to kill a person. In other words, we’d be very harsh) I find it very hard to get to work sometimes with all the guys trying to ask me out. does anyone know how to get this “Love potion # 9” attraction to stop?

FYI: this is a blog specifically directed at Jess she will get it but most of you won’t. Sorry I know this is not the place to post inside jokes but she and I needed this one. Besides I posted an entry for all of you down there

Yakking On The Lawn

There has been a lot of discussion on whether the Girls House should get a Sheep. We figure this would solve any number of problems.
1: no more fighting about who mows the lawn (we don’t really fight about this we just want someone else to do it ;-)
2: it has come to the attention that ed and my sis cat need money. They could shear the sheep “gather” the wool and make craft goods to sell at the market.
3:how to display this sheep to the world.

The list could go on. The problem is obtaining this so called sheep. Let me tell you Ebay is not the place to look. And what kind to get. There are over 800 kinds of sheep in the WORLD! OH! The multiplicity! The ones that make the best wool are Australian, New Zealandish, and South American. But what about when ed and cat don't need the money anymore. We may want to eat the thing. In which case don't we want one with good meat? What's a Girls house to do????? The other option, odiously, is a yak. don’t know how good the wool would be but it would be an alternate form of transportation.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Rumors are false!

As some of you know, I work at Joann’s Fabrics. I’m so excited I’m coming up on my 2nd year!!!! A raise a raise a raise la la la la la. However, this post has very little to do with my aspirating job opportunities. There’s this lady that I work with, Darr, she is amazing. Imagine a very bitchy (there's no other word for it) great aunt type (I know it’s hard) with a raspy voice ‘cause she’s been smoking most of her life. Darr is one of my favorite people. You know you’ll have a good time when you work with her. She always bitches about the company and takes every advantage she can get one over on them.
I learned to count out the till this last 4th of July.
Me: “Sorry I took so long.”
Darr: “Don’t worry about it, you did it on a day when we’re getting time and a half.”
Ok so you get it Darr’s awesome. The thing is there are a lot of rumors going around about Darr:
She was married to a Lebanese Prince.
She lived in Israel for a while.
Her kids look nothing like her because they’re Middle Eastern and Darr is defiantly a pail blond.
Those are just the highlights. So the other day she was shopping in the store and I was like “Darr, so what’s this I hear about you marrying a Middle Eastern prince?” she looked kind of shocked for a second (believe me I never thought I would ever shock Darr.) and she started laughing (her laugh is so fun. Very raspy from years of cigarettes.) She looked at me with big eyes “Who told you that?? Ooh I like that. Could we keep that one going? Well he was Lebanese. Very good looking Lebanese. But they don’t exactly have royalty.” Our conversation was interrupted by my boss and Darr left the store but not without making some biting remark about the Joann’s company and how they’re always trying to screw us over.
As I said, the Rumors are false. I know Darr likes them but we can’t let the lies continue. spread the word!