From the depths of Ohiodawa: December 2006

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Sweet Surprise

a sweet surprise
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I went to work today thinking it was going to be like any other day… and it was… it was when I got home that it was weird. Ok so I’m getting ahead of myself. On September 18th I got this email:
Hi Rach,
I hope you had a good weekend. If you're around tonight (say, after 7) maybe we can talk. I forgot that Michael and I are going to see the Lion King tomorrow night, and then off to Australia!

As many of you know there is no way my mother is going to Australia any time soon so I wrote her back:
Sorry think you got the wrong person. i live in Montana???? Ring a bell??? Hear the Lion King is a good show. what are you going to do in Ausi Land??? Whether i know you or not i hope the Lion King was everything you hoped it would be. Have a safe trip to the Land Down Under.;-)
someone who has no idea who you are yet still willing to write you back.

I didn’t think anything of it. I just got the message when I happened to have a few minutes.
On December 1st I got this:
Hi Rach,
Sorry I haven't called you back yet. I had Landmark on Wed night when you called and Sunday was busy all around. If you have some time this weekend, I'd like to give you a call. Just let me know what might work and at what #.

I was in kind of a giddy mood so I wrote her back:
had Landmark huh? that's too bad. hope it all worked out for you. pretty sure you're not my mom since i didn't call her this week (oh maybe i should get on that) my mothers name is Evelyn Stanley and she lives in Pablo Montana. if you've been hanging out on the Indian Reservation lately maybe you're her but some how i don't think so. As far as this weekend goes i do have a lot of time but unfortunately i believe as my mother you should already have my phone #. my address however is not a problem (Address) like most college students i love Chocolate, care packages and cash!!!!
love always

She wrote me back almost immediately thanking me for correcting her and signed it “the other mom”
I thought it was cute but yet again didn’t think anything of it.
TODAY I walked in to the house after a long day at work and I saw a package in my mail box. I thought this was a little strange (nobody sends me packages unless i've spent money.) I began opening it up as I walked down the stairs to my room. I was like Tucson??? Do I know anyone in Arizona? At the bottom of the stairs I screamed. Meg Young thought I had seen a spider. But no, it was not an unwanted arachnid, in the package was a HUGE bar of CHOCOLATE and a little note:
“Enjoy! From the other mom”
isn’t that the sweetest (no pun intended) thing you’ve ever heard????? I’m giddy with happiness. I never get care packages!!!
I wrote her a thank you and I hope she keeps in touch. I don’t mind having more than one mom. My mom has lots of kids… she’s busy!!