From the depths of Ohiodawa: April 2006

Friday, April 21, 2006

Easter Play 2006

Easter play 2006
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this is the whole fam. Ok so not really my dad isn't there. I guess I should have said this is the whole fam who's ever been a part of the Easter play. From top left to right its: Evelyn, Jonny, Jim, Cathy, ME!!!, and Joe. We were all involved in the passion play at CLC (the church I've attended since I was in second grade.) sadly this will probably be the last year we are all in this play as a family. My parents and my little bore Joe are moving to Pablo. I know Pablo I wouldn't wish that on anyone but it looks like its the way it has to be. My brother Jonny will be joining the marines in August and who knows when he'll be back. (its really ok I'll miss him but I think it's the perfect place for him.) my little sis is feeling God pull her in a different direction like say... Asia. She thinks that she won't be in this sate much longer. My older brother Jim is hoping to have a different job by this time next year and will probably won't be able to get off work. I am going to be in x-ray tech school (if God blesses me that is.) which will take up a great deal of my time and I know I wouldn't be able to do the play.
so all that is to say that this is the end of an era. I know this will never happen again for my family. It's exciting to see that we are all going off to do what God wants us to do but I'll miss all the fun times we've had.
I've been doing the passion plays since I was (wruffly) 12 which means I've done at least 10 passion plays throughout my life time. I think it might be more cause I can remember doing them when the other guy did Jesus and the guy who does them now has been doing them for 9 years. It's kind of cool to think about how many people my life has touched through this play. Around 7000 people come to see it every year. Wow. Well this is really getting mushy so I'll just say it
so long Easter Alive. It was good while it lasted.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Ok so after resisting for many days I finally saw King Kong. Can I just say I love the last line? I think I might just pull it out of now where all the time. Jess and I will be at Ruby’s eating bad pie and all the sudden I’ll just blurt out “it wasn’t airplanes… it was beauty that killed the beast.”
So the movie wasn’t that bad, but as far as last lines go it’s kinda pushing it. I really didn’t want to see this movie cause of all the people that kept telling me I had to see it. The things I was hearing were right: a lot of long face shots. Could there be more shots of Ann’s face in this movie? They could have taken out a half hour just by removing a few seconds from every face shot. And why didn’t King Kong kill Ann? He sure was flinging her around a lot but she didn’t even seem to get whip lash?!?! What’s up with that? And why did the bats attack Kong in the first place. They didn’t seem to care about the humans that were perfect pray for them.
Any way had to get that off my chest. I don’t hate this movie and I think my parents should buy it so I could watch it anytime I wanted but I don’t think it’s as good as everyone says it is.

I know this is kinda wired for my first post for a long time but i figured it's as good a spot as any to start.