From the depths of Ohiodawa: June 2005

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

12 o'clock and all is well... In Ohiodawa

I think I'm going insane! The house is incredibly quiet. Before there were times of quiet but they were always accompanied by the anticipation of Nat coming home. She would arrive and you'd hear her stomping around or loud conversations upstairs or singing... lots of singing.
as most of you know I come from a family of five kids. I'm used to noise. I grew up with it. I don't feel right without it. Ok that sounded a little crazy. I'm sure I'll get over the Natalia Shock. Sorry if it sounds like I'm ranting but I just miss her.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Ok so we made it back

P6080079We did finely get home. I just wanted to let you all know cause I know how much you worry. Jill and I are composing our final "road trip to get rid of Natalia" blog. We want to let you all know the miles we put on the car and fun stuff like that. Gas prices maybe. Didn't want you peeps to get board. If you are board you can check out my flickr we have a lot of pics there that we didn't have room for on the blog. Keep it real and you'll hear from us later.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Huge storm

Huge storm
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Still on the road

Still on the road
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We're almost to Butte.we won't be stopping. We want to get Home and there's a huge storm on its way.

La tee da we're on the road.

Yo homies! Well we drove to Valley City North Dakota last night and stayed at a hotel. I was really tired and wanting a bed and a nice bathtub. We stayed at the AmericInn and went for a swim, sat in the hot tub and in the sauna. Rael stayed down there longer but I went to take a bath and boy was it nice. First time in several days we haven’t been at some one’s house to shower. I thought it felt good to just chill. Rael enjoyed the pool and the hot tub. We slept hard and woke around 8am. AmericInn had a nice breakfast for us this morning – Belgian waffles! We ate up and then got on the road. There was some rain this morning but has been pretty hot through Western North Dakota and Montana. We are at the Belgrade Flying J right now We just dropped off a few things at Nat's perents house. We will be back in beautiful Missoula soon. We have been sending post cards to Nat from every state. If she gets 3 in a day they through her in the lake!!!!!
If you would like to send Nat into the Lake her address is
Natalia Kolnik
105 Fawn Dr.
Oxford, WI 53952

We did see several egrets and some pelicans (what’s with pelicans being out here?), there have been other waterfowl too but we haven’t been able to name them – I think I saw some pheasants.

Jill got to see the worlds largest Bufalo from the road but I was asleep. so sad maybe next time :)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Look at them antlers

Look at them antlers
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So we’ve been on the road for a while now. I love these wi-fi Hot spots! Jill bought a months worth of internet from Flying J and I’m sitting in the car in Fargo North Dakota bloging - isn’t that crazy. The original plan was to push really really hard today and get close to Montana so we could have a relaxing day tomorrow- maybe find a pool or something. We ended up stopping like 7 times before we got past Minneapolis but there was an outlet mall and we had to spend a few hours there the cheap clothes were calling to us. It was really good shopping. We went to Puma, Calvin Klein,… the list goes on and on. But all that time shopping really cut in to our driving time. It’s 7 pm here and we just crossed the border. We have had a good drive we haven’t had to dodge any cops sadly it happens to be one of Jill’s specialties and I want to see her in action. This is a picture we took in some park that had huge animals in it we tried to take one of me on a mouse with a block of


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She looks awesome. She must be in good hands with those clothes on.

Do you see the poster we got her in the back?

Fleeing Boyscout Camp

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After our blog last night we headed back to camp. Rael and I were dying to head down to waterfront and jump in! Waterfront is where Nat will be working. We got our suits on and headed down. After being frightened by a big 5.5 inch long, ¼ inch diameter snake we jumped in the water and swam briefly. The spiders had taken over the ladder but we managed to get out and head back to camp. After showering and chatting we were asleep in no time.

It’s Monday morning. We left the Boy Scout at camp and are heading home to Missoula! We are traveling I-94 now. So it is just Rael and I now. Nothing will be the same. Nat will be at Boy Scout camp for about a month and then she is off to South Korea! Rael will be going back to the Chi Alpha girls’ house and eventually (in the fall) moving into my old room – Ohiodawa! I will be moving my junk when we get back to a studio apartment in University Villages. So we are going back to different lives – exciting and sad all at the same time. Nat will enjoy getting to hang with Zach (who is also working boy scout camp and is the reason Nat ever got involved in this boy scout camp stuff!) for a good month. We said good bye to both Nat and Zach and are hoping to make good time on our way back. We hope to make it somewhere in Western North Dakota or even Billings or Bozeman Montana!! We have traveled over 2000 miles already and are just starting back- hoping to see some wonderful waterfowl ;-)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

BOY did we SHOP!

Yo People! This is my first time blogging! We are having a great time on our little adventure! We did a whole lot of shopping Saturday, a WHOLE lot! The plan was to shop as individuals for an hour and a half at the outlets in Prarie something or something Prarie, right south of Kenosha, Wisconsin. After the hour and a half was up we were to meet and then go back through to the shops Nat had found stuff at to give our opinions… Rael and I did fine and met at the Nike outlet on time and waited for Nat. Well she came and boy was she an unhappy shopper. I don’t think I have ever seen Nat so MAD… WOWSERS. She didn’t have a whole lot of luck so it was Rael and I to the rescue!! We chilled over a Quizno sub and then said – “Nat, we are going to go into several stores, you grab something and head for the dressing rooms, we will then scour the place grabbing all kinds of stuff for you to try on.” We were off and the mission was ON! We did great and Nat’s frown turned upside down (how lame is that phrase?). She scored some great things to wear in South Korea. She will look like a very professional pretty teacher. Those South Koreans will be checking that woman out!

We saw JENNY!

Following the shopping spree, we headed to a friend of mine’s house… Jenny Kenesie (was Knight). Jenny went to Louisville with me, was my roommate and we played basketball together. Well… Jenny’s little sister Rachel was having her graduation party so we got to hang out with the Knights! It was great to see the Knights and so fun to see Jenny and get to chat with her. Jenny’s husband, Eric, then appeared in a tree in the backyard dressed as… SPIDERMAN! The kids loved it and ran around trying to keep track of him. I made sure Nat and Rael didn’t go after him, although I could tell they were wanting too…

Dukes of FREAKIN' Hazzard!!

Did you know the Dukes of Hazzard live in Wisconsin? Driving on HWY 12 today I saw them turn in front of us! I had to follow and catch a glimpse of ‘em. It was awesome. The orange car with the 01 on it! We drove and drove, very fast at times trying to catch them. Finally we were behind them and trying to get them to pull over but they just sped up! They could have been a tad scared… We gave up and came back after about a 10-15 mile detour.

Boy Scout Camp is GREAT but the cafe AIN'T!!

We then arrived at Boy Scout Camp! Oxford, Wisconsin – what a place! ;-) Nat showed us around camp and we got her set up in her cabana. Rael and I left her a little surprise which she will find tonight maybe or figure out sometime! We walked down to the waterfront and I took a little dip – I wish I would have had my bathing suit;-) Rael and I left Nat to come here – the internet place with REALLY REALLY bad service! These kids ain’t got a clue! “Do you have tea?” Rael says. Bad Service Lady #1 “uhhh, I think so.” “What is the soup of the day?” Jill says… Same Bad Service Lady #1 – “uhhh, I think we are out?” No “do you want something else, we have great sandwiches…”, no “let me check…” They are bugging me! We must leave soon or I think both Rael and I will voice our opinions on service, but they are the only internet café for miles – someone should open another cause they’d make $$- as long as they had better service ladies!! Well, I guess we just voiced it cause I read this to Rael who is sitting across from and I didn’t realize Bad Service Lady #2 is about 12 feet from us! OOPS! Later people- better blog before we get kicked out!!!!

Long Hot Days

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Because I don’t know how to do more than one picture this is going to be streamed with like the next 10 posts.

When we left you last we were at a crazy internet café on our way to Nat’s uncle Joe’s house. We did end up making it to Kenosha but Uncle Joe’s was really fun. We had his address and phone number but we couldn’t get a hold of him. Nat had already confirmed with him that we could stay but we couldn’t let him know when we would be there. We got totally lost looking for the house. Nat had been there before so we asked her “does any of this look familiar?” she said “Well, if it was lighter I could see better.” At which point we cracked up.
When we finally found what Nat thought was the house, Jill and I stayed in the car and Nat went to take a look. She didn’t find a note or anything and it looked like no one was home so of course she went inside. Jill and I were left sitting in the car. We didn’t have much faith that this was the right house. While we were sitting there a car pulled up. Jill and I have never met these people and Nat is in the house talk about awkward. We got it all straitened out and we ended up sleeping in a very very very hot room.
Morning finally came and Jill and Nat went out to jump on the “jumpy thing” and I took a shower. When I went outside to join them I found 2 pretty young ladies bouncing on a trampoline covered in bird crap.
The plan for the day was to shop a little in Kenosha then head down to Chicago to meet Zach for lunch. We went to the outlets. We were on a mission from God to find Divine appointments with cheep clothing. Sadly that day it was not to be. NAT IS THE SLOWEST SHOPPER IN THE WORLD!!!! We went to 2 stores in 1 HOUR!!!! She did buy 3 things so I guess its ok. (hear the sarcasm drip off those words) while Nat and I were shopping Jill met her friend Jenny who she played ball with. I’ll let her tell you about that glorious reunion.

Will we ever get to Chicago????

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When we finally got to Chicago Zach was there waiting. Ahhhh…. Sigh… wonderful Zach. what can we say about Mr. Knoch? He’s amazing.
Zach let us use his shower ‘cause we were all sticky. Did we mention that my car doesn’t have air-conditioning? We drove into Chicago at the break neck pace of 10 miles per hour. Jill thinks we should have taken turns running outside the car. Would have been a good workout but someone would have dropped dead from heat exhaustion.
Zach took us to the Grand Lux Café where I ordered something with cheese on accident. So embarrassing to send back perfectly good food. The waiter hated us for a while but Jill “Batted” her eyes at him and told some commonly funny jokes to him and he warmed up to us. Or her I should say.


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Zach took us all over downtown Chicago. We saw the parks, some great shops, and this amazing building. Playboy enterprises. We would have stopped to apply for jobs but we just didn’t have the time. We’re pretty sure this picture is already copy written though. We were wondering how many people strip in front of this sign.

Jill gets it good

Jill gets it good
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We told Jill to stop running around to pier but she wouldn’t listen.

Rael's new man

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I fell in love at the lego store.
They had this big bin of legos and we had a contest to see who could make the most recognizable thing in 2 min (the store was closing in 2 min.) the picks are on the flicr sight if you see them pop up Jill made a Farris Wheel, I made a gun, Nat made a house, and Zach made a hot spring. We never decided who won. You be the judge.

house of blues

house of blues
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When everything good was closed we went to the House of Blues. We got in just before they started the cover charge and we got the table in the front row. the Chicago Blues festival was going on and they had some really talented people, who’s names we don’t remember playing. It was really fun. Some lady sang and she was amazing. I was ready to go but when she came on we had to stay. Jill may be hooked on blues for life.

the Knoch house

the knoch houseWe spent the night at Zach’s place. His mom is so awesome. She let us sleep on her floor even though we had Natalia with us. She was really cool. You can totally tell she loves Zach to death.

What smells Nasty???

nat and the shoseAfter leaving Zach’s we had to get gas and empty our nasty cooler of warm ham and cheese. Jill told me the car stunk so she bought a Pine air freshener. She took off the plastic cover thingy so it was really strong. Nat new nothing about this. A little while down the road Nat said “what smells hideous?” Jill and I play like we don’t have a clue. Nat thought that it was her foot powder stuff so she started putting her feet out the window then her shoes. We just let her think that. We went shopping for 5 hours, when we came back the car reeked of Pine. Nat was totally clueless and was wondering why we were laughing at her. It was so funny!! We did finally let her in on the joke.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

graceful Jill

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...trying to get out of the car.

The Cheese of Nat

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For Jill they bring sliced cheese. For Nat they bring a block and let her gnaw.

The Land of Many Shurbberies - also known as Minnesota

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We found our stop of rest and took a jaunt in the park across the street the next morning. Quite nice. Lots of shrubberries.
Exciting things we have seen so far:
Animals we have seen: Jill murdered a butterfly while driving, numerous quails, dead turtle, Roger the dog with a death wish (we didn't kill him - but we came pretty close after Jill decided to not swerve and avoid a bunny rabbit), dead skunk, fly, stuffed raccoon, dead raccoon on the side of the road, dead quail, truckload of pigs, big shopping cart, cow on truck turkey (maybe), and IS that a dead rat on side of the road?
And for a moment Rael was Jill during a phone call.
And we sang "We built this city on Rock and Roll" with Jill's mom over the phone.
Tonight we sleep at Nat's Uncle's house tonight (somewhere in Kenosha...).
And Rael freaked Nat and Jill with silly string...this was in response to Jill scaring us with Snap Pop Firecrackers...
good times, good times. Nat's hungry. What else is new?
And we are writing this in a random internet cafe in a little town in the Dells - story: Nat "found" (b/c she missed the exit she was supposed to take...) this cafe LAST year when coming back from a friend's wedding to come back to camp...crazzzzzziness...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Jill & Nat Getting exercize.

Jill & Nat Getting exercize.
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It was so wonderful to exercise - of course, who doesn't love running outside of a random gas station that has 1) really bad water and 2) tapes to the counter all the checks that have bounced there. Hmm...interesting? Right now we are standing outside of a Flying J in Sioux Falls, crowded around the back of Rael's mighty car (which is really, really, really full with stuff-and people...we figure the stuff accounts for at least three more people). In about an hour we will be at our designated crashing spot, then tomorrow we will get up at a reasonable hour and run, shower, and leaveeeeee for Kenosha, WI.

Animals we've seen so far (this occupied our almost complete attention for the first half of the day - and Jill decided she likes antelopes): birds, cows, horses, pony, sheep and ewes, ducks and ducklings, two dead "things", antelope and baby antelopes, Western Meadowlark, live deer, Rachael, live prairie dog, mule deer with a white butt, dead prairie dog, dead deer, border collie named "Skip" (perhaps - we didn't stop and ask actually), colts, 2-D cow and horse (stuck in front of a store), llama, live calf, dead smooshed bird in front of the pump at the gas station, donkey, shadows (we got bored and weren't seeing new animals anymore), herd of llamas, long horn cattle, turtle (live - walking across the road), dead turtle (later on down the road - it wasn't us), and quail.

We saw the corn palace from afar - in Mitchell, SD. Jill hollared out the window (she just got up from a nap and was spazzing). It's a small town - they could see we're from Montana - they'll forgive us. We were looking for an internet area. We found the Shell gas station but they LIED. Their wireless did not work. We tried, in the parking lot.

Memorable quotes: Jill "when you're driving, you drive." Jill "your head (Rael's head blocking the view in the back window) is better than the potato chip bag." Nat "please keep something between your butt and the seat..."

We'll bring you more exciting adventures tomooooooooorrow. Now we go somewhere and sleep.

So we're off

So we're off
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We left this morning at 530 picked up Nat @ 800 and we're almost to wyoming more later

Friday, June 03, 2005

Ohiodawa Sings

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So we cut a record.

Its simple really we have amazing voices and the world wants to here them. Gnat was asked to sing a song for the Pea Green Boat, this kids show on Montana Punblic Radio. The song is about how awful gardening is. She didn't want to do it by herself so we Ohiodawidians got involved and helped her out. Gnat and I sang and Jello helped out with the sound effects. It sounds really good but I think i sounds weird when i try to sing like I'm mad. We hope to audio blog it in the near future so stay tuned.